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Tunable Luster Beam III

lusterbeamIII white L

Tunable Luster Beam III


Changing of color between Daylight and Warm white to create mood with ambience.

4 standard lengths available to suit all dimension : 1foot, 2feet, 3feet and 4feet

Integrated with world’s top level performance Nichia LED

Comes with a pair of angle adjustable swivel bracket



Basic specification:


Model: Tunable Luster Beam III
Color Temperature: 5000K~2700K
Power consumption: 15.4W -H (4ft) 11.55W-H (3ft) 7.7W-H (2ft) 3.85W-H (1ft)
Lumen (lm): 1450 (4ft) 1100 (3ft) 750 (2ft) 380 (1ft)
Beam Angle (°) 110°

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